6th Company


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Day One of Assimilation

August 16th, 2020

Good evening 6 Co. Family and Friends,

Today the cadet candidates began the in-processing phase of Assimilation. After saying their goodbyes, they were issued their sea bags and changed into PT gear. During down time, my staff drilled them with youngie knowledge and taught them various traditions and customs of the Academy.

They then went to the “patio,” where the Regimental Staff quizzed them on knowledge before being taken to the mess deck for the evening meal. After they they were given a medical briefing by the Health Services department and put to bed at 2200.

I was impressed by my staff’s ability to safely and securely in-process close to 60 cadet candidates in a matter of hours. I can assure you that your cadet candidates are in good hands.

Very respectfully, 1/C John Raffa, 6th Company Commander

Day Two of Assimilation

August 17th, 2020

Good evening family and friends of 6th Co.,

This morning your cadet candidates were woken up at 0445, and then made their way to the baseball field for PT. They completed eight different exercises and were extremely motivated. After PT they had their morning meal and then sat in on different presentations about traditions of the academy and how to properly stand watch. They were then distributed uniforms and started to prepare their rooms for the school year.

Very respectfully, 1/C John Raffa, 6th Company Commander

Day Three of Assimilation

August 18th, 2020

Good evening family and friends of 6th Co.,

This morning PT was cancelled due to the rain and as a result the cadet candidates got an extra hour of sleep. After the morning meal they then tried on uniforms once again and got the proper fitting. After, they got a briefing on diversity, equity, and inclusion along with a rundown of how the disciplines system works at the academy.

The Admirals Cup was introduced at dinner, which is the trophy presented to the company that does the best in PT, patio, marching, firefighting, and other activities. The winner of the Admirals Cup will be announced in early November once the marching competition is completed. Once again, I am extremely pleased with the motivation of the cadet candidates.

Very respectfully, 1/C John Raffa, 6th Company Commander

Day Four of Assimilation

August 19th, 2020

Good evening family and friends of 6th Co,

            Today your cadet candidates woke up at 0445 and immediately went to physical training. They did a phenomenal job at PT and impressed myself and the rest of my staff. The highlight of the cadet candidates day was attending water survival training. This took place at the school’s pool and was both a fun and educational experience for the cadet candidates. While not in the pool cadet candidates were allowed to take place in field games (following safety protocols) these allowed the cadet candidates to get to know each other and served as a bonding experience. 

            The cadet candidates then played intramural against 4th company. The games consisted of different relay races and exercises. Unfortunately, 4th company ended up getting the victory. I continue to be impressed by the motivation the cadet candidates have each and every day. 

Respectfully, 1/C John Raffa, 6th Company Commander

Day Five of Assimilation

August 20th, 2020

Good evening family and friends of 6th Co,

            Once again the cadet candidates were woken up at 0445 this morning and went right to physical training. After the morning meal the cadet candidates received firefighting training. This included on land training and aboard the T.S. Kennedy. This was taken very seriously as safety and health come first.

            Later on in the day we participated against 2nd company in wiffleball and kickball. This is team building and a moral boosting exercise that does just that. With assimilation coming to an end, I look forward to a safe and healthy start to the semester with the cadet candidates. 

Respectfully, 1/C John Raffa, 6th Company Commander

Day Six of Assimilation

August 21st, 2020

Good evening family and friends of 6th Co,

            On the real last day of assimilation the cadet candidates experienced one of the oldest traditions of the academy, morning formation, also known as “mofo”. They marched onto the football field in a crisp and orderly fashion. The cadet candidates then received their first regimental inspection which showed them the importance of attention to detail.

            After this the cadet candidates went aboard the T.S. Kennedy and got familiar with the training ship. This is helpful for all licensed majors as familiarity with the layout of the T.S. Kennedy is key for future success aboard the training ship. After this company photos were taken with both cadet candidates and cadre. This will be posted for you to see.

To end the day the cadet candidates took both a youngie knowledge and firefighting exam, to test the retention of all the knowledge they’ve been learning over the course of the last week. Topics include: the Academy staff, basic firefighting procedures, shipboard safety equipment and protocols, and various other subjects presented to the Cadet Candidates via their meetings throughout the week.

My staff and I are proud to call these Cadet Candidates members of 6th Company, and look forward to seeing them succeed here in the Academy in the coming future.

-Respectfully, 1/C John Raffa, 6th Company Commander