4th Company

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link… eliminate anchors.”

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Day One of Assimilation

August 16th, 2020

Parents of Fourth Company Cadet Candidates:

Good evening! My name is Corryn Ulrich and I am the Fourth Company Commander. I hope the send-off of your Cadet Candidates this afternoon was smooth and not too difficult. I ensure that my Squad Leaders and Senior Staff recognize the amount of trust you have instilled in us; we are honored to have the chance to teach your sons and daughters the path to success in both academics and the Regiment. We vow to uphold the strict health protocols and keep your Cadet Candidates as safe as possible.

Your Cadet Candidates spent the remainder of the afternoon learning their Youngie Knowledge and simple marching movements. The first few days of Assimilation, their Squad Leaders will instill in them that they are no longer individuals. They must learn to operate as a team, even in a socially-distant environment.

I look forward to watching your Cadet Candidates learn and grow the next few days; I hold no doubt that they will leave this campus Saturday with some new valuable life lessons.

Respectfully, 1/C Corryn Ulrich, 4th Company Commander

Day Two of Assimilation

August 17th, 2020

Family and friends of Cadet Candidates,

Our Cadre woke your Cadet Candidates up at 0445 this morning for Physical Training (PT). Our Cadet Leadership team led the C/Cs through stretches and exercises designed to test their physical and mental fortitude. After breakfast, the C/Cs practiced drilling and received their first articles of their uniforms.

Secondary to the goal of the health and safety of C/Cs is the teaching of teamwork; today, the Cadre began to demonstrate how important the bonds between shipmates are.

4th Company Cadet Candidates have proved they are eager to learn. They demonstrated willingness to learn through their efforts; in no time, the Cadre will transform them into physically fit, basically trained cadets.

Respectfully, 1/C Corryn Ulrich, 4th Company Commander

Day Three of Assimilation

August 18th, 2020

Dear family and friends,

Today, your Cadet Candidates’ morning PT was canceled (because it was raining), and they were able to sleep in until 0530 (an extra 45 minutes!). After breakfast, 4th Company C/Cs enjoyed an especially memorable day learning water survival in the pool.
MMA professors instructed C/Cs in the arts of life jackets, life rafts, and other marine-related skills. USCG law requires all incoming cadets to pass a series of physical tests to ensure every sea-farer understands basic aquatic life-safety. I’m happy to say, all C/Cs passed this STCW requirement!After, your C/Cs were able to relax on the football field. They got to know one another and de-stress. MMA’s SGA even set up lawn games! Then, 4th Company had our first intramural game; unfortunately, 2nd Company got the better of us today.
Your C/Cs have demonstrated true grit and character thus far, and I look forward to watching them build life-long relationships. Thank you!

Respectfully, 1/C Corryn Ulrich, 4th Company Commander

Day Four of Assimilation

August 19th, 2020

Dear friends and family of 4th Company,

This morning, your C/Cs started the day with an enthusiastic PT session. Even the Regimental Staff was impressed with their “esprit de corps.”  After PT, C/Cs changed into their new boiler suits and ate breakfast. 
Every year, Youngies must pass the STCW requirements to become fully minted cadets; this includes fire-fighting techniques, like using the hoses, extinguishers, and other equipment. Today, your C/Cs spent the day learning and practicing the proper fire fighting techniques. After, the Regimental Training Ship Commander and his staff gave your C/Cs a tour of the T.S. Kennedy (a well-recieved excursion!).
We capped the afternoon off with an exciting intramural race between 4th Company and 6th Company. We were thrilled to take our first win of the Assimilation program! 
Your C/Cs are in high spirits, despite the long days of training and drilling. We can’t believe tomorrow is already Thursday!

Respectfully, 1/C Corryn Ulrich, 4th Company Commander

Day Five of Assimilation

August 20th, 2020

Family and friends,

Today, your C/Cs finished up their uniform fittings! This is a huge step towards becoming a full-fledged cadet because the uniform symbolizes the Academy’s values of discipline, honor, and leadership. After uniforms, your C/Cs had an interactive class on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” and the Academy’s discipline system. 

This afternoon, C/Cs spent time perfecting their drill; they have made great improvements in little time, and the 4th Company Staff is impressed with their improvement. 

4th Company has our first Regimental Inspection tomorrow; our Squad Leaders spent time and effort teaching your C/Cs the correct way to stage their gear in the correct manner– from a safe distance. We have had to adjust many of our MMA customs to protect our community from COVID19. However, we have done our best to peserve our Maritime culture. After all, a smooth sea nver made a skilled sailor! 

Thank you! 1/C Corryn Ulrich, 4th Company Commander

Day Six of Assimilation

August 21st, 2020

Happy Friday!
Today was our last full day with your Cadet Candidates! It’s challenging to comprehend the amount of knowledge, drill, and teamwork your C/Cs learned in the past week; you all should be proud of them. I’m sure they will have plenty of stories to tell you!
This morning your C/Cs were woken up for one of their last early-morning PT sessions. After breakfast, 2nd Battalion had Morning Formation (MOFO) on the Football Field. During the regular semester, MOFO is used to both pay respect to our flag and take accountability. After MOFO, your C/Cs had their first Regimental Inspection. Such inspections are a nerve-racking experience because the standards for room cleanliness are high. 
After lunch, your C/Cs spent the remainder of the afternoon practicing their marching movements until their STCW Fire Fighting exam. The exam ensures the C/Cs know how to deal with various classes of fires in case one occurs. After dinner, the C/Cs had their Youngie Knowledge exam, a cumulative test of the knowledge they have been studying from their Youngie Handbook during the past week. To later become a full-fledged Cadet, C/Cs must pass both exams.While your C/Cs spent a meaningful week on campus, it was not easy. Your C/Cs endured both physical and mental challenges, and we are proud to welcome them officially to the MMA family. I know they are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow– hopefully, they are proud of all they accomplished this week. 
Thank you!