2nd Company


2 Co. Second to None

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Day One of Assimilation

August 16th, 2020

Good evening 2 Co. Family and Friends.

My name is 1/C Lucia Buzzell, I am an Emergency Management major from Quincy, MA and I am the Second Company Commander. I will be overseeing the day to day activities and schedules that your Cadet Candidates participate in and ensure that the company is running smoothly. I can assure you that all of your C/C’s Squad Leaders are highly capable and very well trained to care for your Cadet Candidate this upcoming week. 

Today the Cadet Candidates began the in-processing phase of the Cadet Candidate Assimilation Program. After saying goodbye to their families in their cars, they carried their belongings to their dorm rooms. They were then issued a Sea Bag with all of the uniforms that they will need for their four years at MMA. The cadre did an extraordinary job with the inprocessing and uniform distribution and were successfully able to socially distance all of the C/C’s while still efficiently moving them through the line. The C/C’s began to learn some basic drill and facing movements that will allow them to be able to march in a squad.

The entire cadre and leadership staff, both juniors and seniors, took the Cadre Oath in front of all of your Cadet Candidates. This oath is a tradition that signifies us taking the C/C’s under our care to train them to be a part of the regiment. After dinner they got a COVID-19 medical brief from the Academy doctor so that they are aware of all of our protocols. The Cadet Candidates are learning very quickly and we cannot wait for our first full day with them tomorrow.

Respectfully, 1/C Lucia Buzzell, 2nd Company Commander

Day Two of Assimilation

August 17th, 2020

2Co Family and Friends,

Today your Cadet Candidates woke up at 0445 to do Physical Training (PT). They learned a variety of stretches and exercises that they will be doing for the remainder of the week. After having breakfast they went back to Uniform Distribution to continue accumulating uniform pieces and switching out sizes. 

Before lunch the C/C’s attended a meeting about MMA Customs and Traditions and a meeting about Watchstanding at the Academy. They then went to lunch and worked on their marching after that. The rest of my Senior Staff then introduced themselves. This includes my Executive Officer, the C/C’s Platoon Leader and the company Training & Retention Officer. 

After dinner, they attended a motivational presentation given by the Regimental Commander and Regimental Executive Officer. They then participated in online lectures about Firefighting and Water Survival. Their first full day of the Assimilation Program is now complete. Tomorrow,  we are excited to see them bond as a team (while remaining socially distant of course!).

Respectfully, 1/C Lucia Buzzell, 2nd Company Commander

Day Three of Assimilation

August 18th, 2020

2Co Family and Friends,

Your Cadet Candidate had an exciting day today as they got to go through a rotation of different firefighting practicals. They worked with fire hoses, practiced extinguishing fires, and got to step aboard our T.S. Kennedy for a tour. All of the C/C’s seemed to enjoy this, however, the licensed majors were particularly excited. 

After their firefighting module, they brought out their competitive side in a kickball game against 4th Company.  Your C/C’s in 2nd Company came out with a win. This was their first intramural game of the week and they cannot wait for the next one. 

Before dinner the Regimental Commander introduced the Admiral’s Cup. This is a trophy awarded to the top Company of the Assimilation Program based on their performance this week and into the beginning of the semester. The award is based on a variety of factors and they seem to be very motivated for the competition. Later in the evening they did room prep and their Squad Leaders helped them set up their rooms the proper way. We are seeing tremendous improvements out of these young adults everyday. 

Best, 1/C Lucia Buzzell, 2nd Company Commander

Day Four of Assimilation

August 19th, 2020

Good evening 2Co Family and Friends,

Hump day! The C/C’s are officially over halfway done with their Assimilation program. They have made tremendous progress since Day 1 of the program but we are still expecting a lot out of them in the coming days. This morning they once again did more uniform try on’s and switch out’s. Before lunch they were quizzed on their Youngie Knowledge by the Regimental Staff, as they are before every lunch and dinner. This quiz session, known as “Patio” is meant to make them stronger as a team. They need to be a cohesive unit to say the answers in unison and study individually so that they aren’t an anchor to their squad. They have learned more and more each day. 

After lunch they had two presentations; one by our Office Intercultural Engagement and one on the discipline system at the Academy. They then went and got their pictures taken for their MMA Student ID Card. Before going to dinner, they continued to practice drill and study their knowledge. They ended the night by watching online presentations on the History of MMA, the Student Government Association on campus, and alcohol awareness.

Your C/C’s are all doing amazing and making tremendous strides in their own ways. We are prepared for another jam-packed day tomorrow!

Best regards, 1/C Lucia Buzzell, 2nd Company Commander

Day Five of Assimilation

August 20th, 2020

Family and Friends of the 2Co Cadet Candidates,

We had PT again this morning at 0445 and watched the sunrise over the canal. The Cadet Candidates impressed us with their drive to always do better than the day before. After breakfast, your C/C’s had an exciting day of Water Survival courses. This is an STCW requirement that MMA requires of all cadets. They got to go in the Academy’s pool and participate in a rotation of water survival training. The C/C’s got to relax throughout this process by playing yard games or just laying in the sun and chatting with their shipmates. 

Second Company defeated Sixth Company in intramurals today to remain undefeated! Their energy was unmatched and they were all motivated to keep the winning streak alive. After this they had dinner and then studied their knowledge. They then went up to their rooms to work on more room prep and participate in their nightly online classes. Tonight’s classes were an overview of each of the academic majors here at MMA, as well as the Title IX Policy. 

Tomorrow is our last full day with your C/C’s, and there is a jam packed schedule. We will tie up some loose ends and continue to let them bond as a company. Stay tuned for the final post tomorrow night!

Best, 1/C Lucia Buzzell, 2nd Company Commander

Day Six of Assimilation

August 21st, 2020

Good evening 2Co Family and Friends,

Today was your C/C’s final day of the Assimilation Program. They got a lot done today and are very excited to see you tomorrow, as I am sure you are even more excited to see them. This morning after morning formation, the C/C’s went on a complete tour of the T.S. Kennedy. They got to go on both an engine tour and a deck tour. These familiarized them with the ship, as many of them will be going on for Sea Term.

After this they practiced marching and studied their knowledge for their final patio sessions. They then had lunch and did some finishing touches on their rooms before their first room inspection. This was meant to give them a taste of what inspections are like as they will have them often during the semester. They then got photos taken of their Squad (the group of C/C’s that they have been working alongside all week). After this, our Company Officer, LT Mederios, addressed them and answered some of their questions. Tonight they took an online firefighting exam and the online Youngie Knowledge exam.

The days were long, but the week seemed to fly by. My staff and I enjoyed every moment with your Cadet Candidates and we loved watching them better themselves and work as a team more and more each day. We wish that we had two weeks with them, but we cannot wait to have them back on campus after their week off. Thank you for following along, and Go Bucs!

Best regards, 1/C Lucia Buzzell, 2nd Company Commander