7th Company

The Pride of the Regiment, Band, Honor Guard, & Drill Team.

“First on, last off.”

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Day Zero of Assimilation

August 23rd, 2020

Good evening 7th Co. families,

I am 1/C Nicholas Mirabile, the 7th Company Executive Officer. I will be the cadet in charge of ensuring the company’s assimilation program is run as smoothly and as safely as possible. We have a great staff ready to train your cadet candidates, and I believe we have a great week ahead. 

The day started with drop off, where they were quickly shuffled to the dorms and brought to the ABS for their initial uniform fitting. From there we had a quick turnaround to attend the Cadre Oath, where every staff member swore to give their absolute best to train their cadets. “Patio” was next, where the C/Cs were quizzed by the regimental staff on the names of the Academy’s top leadership. 

After dinner, they were taught basic drill movements, such as how to march, how to face, and other movements essential for C/Cs to know. They then had a medical brief with the Academy’s Doctor, Doctor Cukor, who gave an in depth explanation of the medical precautions we are taking this week. 

Today was a very busy day, but 7th Company is motivated and ready to take on the next. The entire 7th Company staff has been working hard to keep your loved ones safe while also teaching the standards set forth by the academy. I can say with absolute confidence that your C/Cs are in very capable hands! 

-1/C Nicholas Mirabile

Day One of Assimilation

August 24th, 2020

Good evening 7th co friends and family,

Today was yet another hectic but productive day in 7th. We started the day with PT at 4:45. Personally, I was extremely impressed with all of the C/C’s enthusiasm, especially this early into assimilation and that early in the morning. After a shower, C/C’s were introduced to Morning Formation, a daily procedure at the academy.

7th Company then received a class on the Academy’s customs and traditions, where they learned some history of the academy and why some of our customs exist. Later in the day they took a tour of the TS Kennedy and shown the important parts of the ship.

7th was then formally introduced to their cadre, learning all of their names and what was expected of them. After two online classes, they were sent to bed with “nom noms,” which is what we call evening snacks. Once again, I have been extremely impressed by both the cadre and the C/C’s, and as looking toward to another productive day tomorrow!

-1/C Nicholas Mirabile

Day Two of Assimilation

August 25th, 2020

Good evening 7th co friends and families,

This morning started off with one of the most motivational PT sessions I have ever seen at the academy. The C/C’s were loud, motivated, and confident throughout the entire session. The cadre was extremely impressed with how much they were putting out.

After PT and breakfast, the C/C’s took a class on watchstanding, taught by the Regimental Adjutant, Battalion TRO, and the Cadet Training Ship Commander.  They then had time to prepare their rooms for inspection, and were inspected by some of the top cadre at the academy.

The time between lunch and dinner and dinner to taps was spent mostly teaching drill, youngie knowledge, and an online class on regimental functions, ship safety, and campus safety. And just like last night, they were sent to bed with nom noms.

-1/C Nicholas Mirabile

Day Three of Assimilation

August 26th, 2020

Good evening 7th Co. families,

Today was another great day for the pride of the regiment! After yet another motivating PT session, the company spent the morning continuing to receive uniform items from the bookstore staff. At both of these events, the 7th Company staff was told by the staff running the events about how impressed they were with the company’s professionalism and pride in being a part of 7th.

After lunch, the C/Cs received two classes in admirals hall, one on the discipline system, and one on diversity and inclusion. The rest of the day was spent drilling and learning their youngie knowledge, and at patio this evening, it was clear that everything is starting to “click.” They had their best patio session yet, and the regimental staff was very impressed. We have water survival training tomorrow, so they should be prepared for another fun day!

– 1/C Nicholas Mirabile

Day Four of Assimilation

August 27th, 2020

Good evening 7th Co. family,

This morning, like every morning, started with PT, and let me say, 7th was ELECTRIC. A new cadence was created: “4 squads, 2 platoons, 1 company, 7th Company,” which was great for a boost of morale.

After breakfast, the C/C’s were brought to the MMA pool to complete water survival training, learning how to do essential water survival techniques like flipping a life raft and dawning a life jacket. While that was going on, there was also time for “field day,” where the freshmen had the opportunity to play games like KanJam while bonding with their shipmates.

The rest of the day was dedicated to more drill and more knowledge, and the rain did not slow their progress down at all. Their patio session in the evening was another good one, where even without their ditty’s, they were able to perform.

We then moved to a game of kickball after dinner. The game under lights was extremely fun, even if the score did not turn out the way we would have wanted. The effort was there, and that is all we as a staff ask for, is their best. The C/C’s are in the home stretch now, with only one full day left. Tomorrow is dedicated to firefighting training, which is yet another action packed day. I know 7th Co. is ready to finish strong!

– 1/C Nicholas Mirabile

Day 5 of Assimilation

August 28th, 2020

Good evening 7th Co. families,

The last full day of assimilation was a great note to end on!

There was another great PT session, then we moved straight into firefighting. The C/C’s were taught how to hold a fire hose, how to operate a fire extinguisher, and how to dawn PPE. They all learned a lot and had some fun along the way, which, in my opinion, is a great way to end the week.

7th co also faced 1st for a relay race. It was a tough loss, but at the end of the day it was a good time and their spirits were even higher than yesterday’s intramural game.

Later that night, they received a speech from the Admiral congratulating them on a job well done. The Admiral also touched on the special bond that MMA graduates share, and the kind of jobs and experiences that cadets get when leaving the academy.

I am extremely proud of all the C/C’s and am ready to start the semester strong!

-1/C Nicholas Mirabile