5th Company

“Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.”

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Day Zero of Assimilation

August 23rd, 2020

Good evening,

My name is Wade McGilvray, 5th Co. Company Commander, and I will be overseeing the training of your Cadet Candidates. I am very excited and humbled to take on this unique challenge and to lead my fellow staff in this Assimilation Program. The 5th Company Staff and I look forward to training and mentoring the incoming Class of 2024.

The 5th Company Cadet Candidates all arrived on campus and successfully checked in. We hit the ground running with Squad Leaders and Senior Staff assuming positions leading the incoming class. Cadet Candidates are now starting their journey at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. They all arrived as individuals and through basic training, will learn to work as a team.

1st Battalion leadership took the Cadre Oath, swearing to instruct the freshman with purpose driven leadership. All staff and candidates are looking forward to having an effective week of training and learning.

Respectfully, 1/C Wade McGilvray

Day One of Assimilation

August 24th, 2020

Today the Cadet Candidates of Fifth Company were taught basic drill and marching. Through the instruction of the Squad Leaders, they have started to build their basic regimental knowledge.

Additionally, the Cadet Staff of the T.S. Kennedy led the Candidates on ship familiarization tours. This showed them the engine room, the bridge, and the emergency procedures aboard the vessel.

This evening the Cadet Candidates were introduced to their full staff through the Meet the Cadre Ceremony. This is the first step in unifying the youngies into becoming a company.

The freshman also completed classes in Fire Procedures and Water Survival in preparation for their STCW courses that are to occur over the next few days.

Respectfully, 1/C Wade McGilvray

Day Two of Assimilation

August 25th, 2020

Today the Cadet Candidates of 5th Company started off their day with a motivated PT session. Becoming a team, the youngies motivated their shipmates through a great workout.

With the help of Jim Callan and the bookstore staff, all of the 5th Company Cadet Candidates have been issued their full uniform inventory.

The Squad Leaders have been working diligently to instruct the youngies in marching and drill movements. This is displayed by their ability to stay in step while making their way around campus.

Led by Mr. Ortiz, the Candidates had a lecture on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. They learned the essential life skills of understanding that every one of us comes from a different walk of life.

The 1st Battalion Assimilation Week is well underway and moving full steam ahead.

Respectfully, 1/C Wade McGilvray

Day Three of Assimilation

August 27th, 2020

Today the Cadet Candidates began their STCW qualifications. Starting with Water Survival in the pool, three C/Cs at a time went in and completed obstacles such as righting a flipped life raft, entering and exiting life rafts, and utilizing proper techniques on entering the water. In order to adhere to the social distancing, not everyone could be in the pool at once. While three youngies at a time were in the pool the rest of the company had a “Field Day” where they could safely socialize and get to better know their shipmates and take steps into becoming a Company.

Today was also our first day of Intramurals, Fifth Co took on Third Co in a contactless relay race. Through a circuit of exercises and with exceptional teamwork, Fifth Company competed greatly. The day was wrapped up with virtual classes based on MMA History as well as the Student Government Association. It truly is impressive to see how far these Cadet Candidates have come since day one and I am excited to see how they continue to grow as a unit as Assimilation Week is wrapping up.

Respectfully, 1/C Wade McGilvray

Day Four of Assimilation

August 27th, 2020

Today the Cadet Candidates continued their STCW instruction, this time we had firefighting. The Cadet Candidates donned their boiler suits for the first time and cycled through three stations run by local firefighters. One where they operated and learned about the proper usage of a fire hose. The second where they received instruction on the different classes of fires and the appropriate fire extinguishers to use. They also were able to put out a simulated fire with an extinguisher under the close guidance of the firefighters. The last station was a tour of the T/S Kennedy given by the Cadet Chief Mate and Cadet Chief Engineer and how fires are dealt with on a ship.

Due to the weather today we had to wait to engage in Intramural Kickball under the lights of the Parade Field where Fifth Co beat Seventh Co. in an exciting game!

The Cadet Candidates finished their day with online classes regarding the academic semester as well as receiving pointers on room prep and academy life from their Squad Leaders. It truly is a rewarding experience to see how fast these individuals have transformed into a Fifth Company family. This energy and unity will carry these cadet candidates far in their first year here at the Academy.

Respectfully, 1/C Wade McGilvray

Day Five of Assimilation

August 28th, 2020