3rd Company

“Hold fast.”

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Day Zero of Assimilation

August 23rd, 2020

Good Evening 3 CO. Family and Friends,

My name is 1/C John Teehan, I am an Emergency Management major from Boston, MA and I am the Third Company Commander. My staff and I are beyond excited to work with your youngies in this short week. I assure you that your Cadet Candidates are in good hands with our outstanding Squad Leaders.

Today the Cadet Candidates began the in-processing phase of Assimilation. After saying their final goodbyes, they were brought to be issued their sea bags. When returning back to their rooms the  C/C’s changed into their PT gear and began learning basic marching movements. During any down time today, the Squad Leaders drilled them with youngie knowledge and taught them the various customs and traditions of the Academy.

At 1730 this afternoon the entire cadre and leadership staff, both juniors and seniors, took the Cadre Oath in front of your Cadet Candidates. Following the oath, we brought them to dinner and finished the night off with a few medical briefs from our Academy medical staff. The Cadet Candidates are starting to come together as a team and we cannot wait for the first full day tomorrow.

Respectfully, 1/C John Teehan, 3rd Company Commander 

Day One of Assimilation

August 24th, 2020

Good Evening 3rd Co family and friends,

Today was the first full day on campus for the Cadet Candidates. We started the morning by waking the Cadet Candidates up at 0445 and brought them to their first PT session. They were all motivated and excited to work out this morning. After breakfast the Cadet Candidates were introduced to their first Morning Formation, which occurs daily during the academic year.

Ship Familiarization was next on the agenda. The Cadet Candidates were brought on tours on the T.S. Kennedy and seemed to enjoy every second of it. Many of them were excited to be introduced to something new and were excited to learn some new things. The Cadet Candidates were also formally introduced to all of their Cadre members. Following Meet the Cadre the Cadet Candidates attended two online lectures and were then sent to bed with their nightly snacks.

Our staff has been extremely impressed by their ability and willingness to learn. We cannot wait for another day tomorrow!

-1/C John Teehan

Day Two of Assimilation

August 25th, 2020

Good evening 3rd Co Family and Friends,

Today we started our day off with a wake up at 0445 followed by a PT session. The youngies were motivated and enjoyed the early morning workout. Following PT the Cadet Candidates were brought back to the company to shower and change with an exciting day ahead of them.  

We spent most of the day at the pool completing Water Survival which is an STCW requirement for all cadets at the Academy. They spent the day going through the rotations at the pool and when it was not their turn in the pool they played some yard games or hung out with their fellow shipmates.

After their long day at the pool we defeated 1st Co in kickball in a best of three series. The Cadet Candidates had a high level of intensity and energy. We followed intramurals up with a short period of drill where we worked on some other basic marching movement.Today was overall a great day and we cannot wait until tomorrow!

-1/C John Teehan, 3rd Company Commander

Day Three of Assimilation

August 26th, 2020

Good evening 3rd Company family and friends,

Just like every other morning the Cadet Candidates were woken up for PT at 0445 this morning. They had an exceptional day at PT and wanted more. They were extremely motivated and enthusiastic. Following PT the Cadet Candidates were brought back to the company to shower and change to go to breakfast. 

After breakfast the Cadet Candidates were broken into three groups to start their rotation for firefighting practicals. They worked with fire hoses, practiced extinguishing fires and got to step aboard the T.S. Kennedy for a tour.

After firefighting, the Cadet Candidates were once again dominating intramurals. We competed against 5th Company in relay races. It consisted of a sprint, bear crawls, shuffles, backpedal and then another sprint with pushups. We were able to defeat 5th Co. in a tight match. We completed the night by going to dinner patio and working on some more drill. We spent a good deal of time today working on our facing movements and columns. The Cadet Candidates had their best day yet and we cannot wait for another full day tomorrow!

Best, 1/C John Teehan, 3rd Company Commander

Day Four of Assimilation

August 27th, 2020

Good evening 3rd CO family and friends,

Today was another great day on campus. We started the morning off with our usual 0445 wake up followed by a PT session led by the ship staff. After our motivating PT session the Cadet Candidates were brought to breakfast. After breakfast we had a meeting to go over the proper watchstanding protocols. 

Prior to lunch the Cadet Candidates had their first experience getting their rooms inspected. We checked for general cleanliness of their rooms and for their wall lockers and inspection drawers to be up to par. This will take some time for the freshman to get used to the Academy’s standards and expectations. We will build off of our mistakes that we made today during inspections and turn them to positives tomorrow.

Following our noon meal the Cadet Candidates had an opportunity to meet with the 1st Battalion staff and talk about the school and why they decided to come to this Academy. This was a motivating time for our Cadet Candidates because they were able to express their goals and aspirations for their lives and their time at the Academy.

Today was overall a great day and we cannot wait for our last full day tomorrow!

Best, 1/C John Teehan, 3rd Company Commander

Day Five of Assimilation

August 28th, 2020

Good evening 3 Co family and friends,

Today was our last full day on campus and the Cadet Candidates had tons of energy. We began the day with our usual 0445 wake up for PT. We had a great PT session to start the day. For the majority of today our Cadet Candidates were issued the remainder of their sea bags and were fitted for the rest of their uniforms. They now have all of the uniforms that they will receive in their time at the Academy. Later on in the day today our Cadet Candidates took their pictures that were printed onto their Academy ID cards. 

To conclude the night tonight our Cadet Candidates had a meeting with Rear Admiral McDonald, where he spoke about all of the meaningful memories that they will make in their time here at Mass Maritime. Following the motivating speech, the Cadet Candidates took their two final exams, firefighting and their youngie knowledge exam. 
This has been a great week for our Cadet Candidates, and we cannot wait to move into the fall semester!

Best, 1/C John Teehan, 3rd Company Commander