1st Company

“Push your limits or create your comfort zone.”

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Day Zero of Assimilation

August 23rd, 2020

Dear 1st Co. Friends and Family,

Today was a whirlwind of a day. It was very chaotic with a complex plan that had curve balls thrown at every step of the way. In processing was a major challenge that 1st Company tackled with ease. The goal of getting 62 Cadet Candidates fully outfitted with uniforms and acclimated to the culture of the regiment was no easy task in the mere 10 hours we had with them. From the position of attention to marching in columns, they experienced it all. Although the youngies have yet to establish themselves as a unit and failed to sound like a synchronized team, the foundation has been laid for them to reach this standard in the coming days. There were areas to improve upon as leaders, but that’s what will make us better tomorrow. Overall, it was a good start to the program and looking ahead to a lot of potential with the staff over here in 1st Company.

Respectfully, 1/C Dylan White, 1st Company Commander

Day One of Assimilation

August 24th, 2020

Dear 1st Co. Friends and Family,

This morning your Cadet Candidates (C/Cs) were up before the sun for a motivating 04:45 Physical Training (PT) session. Socially distanced on the football field, they were taught a variety of stretches and exercises they will continue to perfect as the week progresses. Hungry from a morning of digging deep and motivating their shipmates, 1st Company filed into the Mess Deck for their first breakfast at the Academy. 

Following their morning meal, the C/Cs returned to Uniform Distribution to continue the process of uniform sizing. After switching out their uniforms for correct sizes, they were brought to the T.S. Kennedy for their very first tour of the ship. The Cadet Candidates were eager to seize this opportunity and learn as much as they could about the ship they would become so familiar with. 

After lunch, the C/Cs attended class where they were taught about the long revered customs and traditions cherished at the Academy. That evening they were introduced to their Company Staff including myself, the Company Training & Retention Officer, and the entirety of their Squad Leaders. They spent the rest of their evening and night preparing their rooms and themselves for life at the academy. After a long day of firsts, they have one goal on their mind, learning from today’s mistakes to better themselves tomorrow.

Respectfully, 1/C Dylan White, 1st Company Commander

Day Two of Assimilation

August 25th, 2020

Tuesday is done and there has been a lot to deal with just like any day. It has been a jam packed day of firefighting, drill, and most importantly the first intramurals game. 1st Co. lost to a walk-off kick in kickball to 3rd Co, but it didn’t stop us from walking away with our heads held high.

So far there is some really good progress that the candidates are making and we are seeing the idea of unity slowly being grasped.

Best, Dylan White

Day Three of Assimilation

August 26th, 2020

Today was a very much needed and well executed performance for First Company. The day started off with an electric PT session where energy and motivation were at all time highs. The positive energy continued through the room inspections evolution where all Cadet Candidates performed well on their first inspection.

The main point of today was for the Cadet Candidates to settle down and get to know the cadre better. Question and answer sessions were held by the Battalion Staff as well as Squad Leaders and was very engaging as well as a great way for these freshmen to gain knowledge and develop their own goals based on what Cadre have gone through, learned, and experienced. Overall, there was a great boost in morale today and another great day for First Company. 

Best, Dylan White

Day Four of Assimilation

August 27th, 2020

Day Five of Assimilation

August 28th, 2020