1st Battalion

1st Battalion is home to Companies 1, 3, 5, and 7. The Battalion is staffed by:

1/C Nick Salas – Battalion Commander

1/C Liam McAleer – Battalion Executive Officer

1/C Felicity Janczewski – Battalion TRO

1/C Seth Lapriore – Battalion Adjutant

3/C Abigail Pope – Battalion Guidon

The Youngies Have Arrived – Round 2

August 23rd, 2020

Out with the old in with the new… well, more like out with the new in with the newer.

With the completion of 2nd Battalion’s Assimilation week, today marks the beginning of 1st Battalion’s journey. The 2nd Battalion Candidates have returned home for the week and in their place stand fresh new youngies.

The order of events this week will follow the course of the previous Assimilation, the only major difference is the new set of Battalion and Company staff, and the new batch of Candidates.

After completing check-in, and saying brief farewells, the youngies were fitted for uniforms and began marching practice straight away. There was much studying done over the course of the afternoon in preparation for tonight’s patio. Patio is a tradition where the Regimental Staff test the youngies on the information they are required to know in their handbook. Patio typically occurs twice a day, before lunch and before the evening meal. Following the evening meal at which the Candidates are required to sit with both feet together at a 45 degree angle, with their backs off the chair, Dr. Cukor briefed each Company on the mandatory health protocols that are to be enforced.

The 1st Battalion Squad Leaders have already shown that they have set the highest of expectations of their Cadet Candidates, and will not settle for anything less than 110% effort. The Squad Leaders jumped into the youngie knowledge and began testing the new arrivals before they even brought their belongings inside. Over the course of the next week the Candidates will learn respect, discipline, strength – both mental and physical, professionalism, teamwork, and among other key lessons that lead to success, they will learn how to persevere.

We are off to the races once more…

Day 1 of Assimilation – Meet the Cadre

August 24th, 2020

Being the first full day on campus, the Cadet Candidates are going to be more than ready to hit the rack tonight. An 0445 wake up calls for some refreshing PT! During PT this morning I witnessed some inspiring work from the Squad Leaders. Our mornings don’t just start with a light jog and some jumping jacks, PT is a blood-pumping work out that has everybody sweating by the end. There were Candidates this morning that struggled with certain exercises, but where a Candidate fell behind, a Squad Leader was right there pushing them to do one more set, encouraging them to never quit, to be better than yesterday.

After starting the day off on the right foot, well… actually the left foot since we are marching, the Candidates attended uniform fitting and took a tour of the ship. This evening, the youngies had the pleasure of having a formal introduction to their Company Staff with the Meet the Cadre ceremony.

This wave of Squad Leaders are fired up! Their dedication to these Candidates is clear. The Squad Leaders are disciplined, they are motivated, and they will push the 1st Battalion youngies to be the best they can be.

The process of going from follower to leader starts here with Assimilation. There was some outstanding work today from both Cadre and Candidates, and I couldn’t be more confident that these Candidates are going to be in tip-top shape by the end of Assimilation. Much more to come as the Candidates learn to work as a team.

Day 2 of Assimilation – The Admirals Cup

August 25th, 2020

Today begins the cycle of STCW courses that each Cadet Candidate will participate in. The courses cover Water Survival and Firefighting. Over the next few days, each company will partake in either of the courses, or will visit Bookstore Jim to be issued their uniforms.

1st Company had the opportunity to learn from real life experience the proper use of an extinguisher, how to man the fire hoses, and the various classifications of fires.

3rd Company had some fun in the pool as they learned water survival techniques. The Candidates dawned their life jackets and were taught the proper way to abandon ship, in the event of an emergency, and likewise how to climb aboard a life raft. While they waited to enter the pool, the Candidates enjoyed a relaxing field day with Spikeball, KanJam, corn hole, and frisbee.

5th Company visited Jim and spent the morning receiving the proper attire necessary to be a Cadet at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

7th Company began preparations for the year with a lecture on proper watch standing. Following this presentation, the Candidates had their first experience with room and personal inspections, which will be the first of many.

In the late afternoon, 1st Co. and 3rd Co. faced off in an epic battle of kickball. 1st Co. was up 10-7 in the last inning, and 3rd Co. came out kicking, with a shutout top of the inning on defense, and a few bombs kicked in the bottom it was an outstanding upset. 3rd Co. came out on top with a score of 11-10.

At the end of the day all the Companies attended evening patio at which they were introduced to the Admiral’s Cup. As mentioned in the previous week’s blog, the Admiral’s Cup is a coveted award which is presented to the Company that excels in the categories of marching, youngie knowledge, and morale. 1st Battalion is in for a close race for the cup, every Company is looking sharp.

Day 3 of Assimilation

August 26th, 2020

Another day in the cycle… 1st Co. learned about watch standing and inspections, 3rd Co. fought fires, 5th Co. went for a dip in the pool, and 7th Co. wrapped up uniforms. In the afternoon, 3rd and 5th Company had some fun on the football field with an exciting relay race.

The Companies are shaping and sharpening up! Not only have all the youngies been in step, they have been motivated, and they truly are beginning to know their knowledge. The patio sessions this afternoon and evening were practically flawless… while there is always room for improvement, the youngies showed up and performed.

Strive for perfection, settle only for excellence… This is the motto of 7th Company, but it applies to every Cadet here at the academy. The Cadet Candidates will continue to develop their attention to detail, their confidence, and their integrity. The Assimilation Program is meant to groom the next leaders of the academy, and leaders in life, for success. Success starts with teamwork, so much in life is dependent on the cohesiveness of a unit. This is why we learn to utilize the chain of command, to take care of our shipmates, and to not be an anchor.

These Cadet Candidates are all pulling their weight, and it shows. A very successful day for 1st Battalion. Only three more to go… Keep pushing!

Day 4 of Assimilation

August 27th, 2020

It was a rainy day here at Maritime, but morale was high!

As the Cadet Candidates continue through the cycle of activities and courses they are building their skills in preparation for the youngie knowledge and fire fighting exams.

The morning started with one of the most motivating PT sessions in the past few weeks! Following PT and breakfast, the companies made their way to their stations; 1st Co. in uniforms, 3rd Co. on room inspections and watch standing, 5th Co. in fire fighting, and 7th Co. at water survival.

Despite a rain delay, the intramural kickball game between 5th and 7th Co. was electric. Nothing beats a game under the lights. With the music playing and the Candidates cheering it was a competitive atmosphere. 5th Company came away with the win, but 7th Co. kept their spirits high since it was such an energetic match.

Only two more days until the end of Assimilation, the progress that these Candidates make every day is just outstanding. Well done 1st Battalion, keep on keeping on.

Day 5 of Assimilation

August 28th, 2020

As Assimilation week comes to a close, the Cadet Candidates were able to have some fun. As the tensions released a bit, the Candidates finished their final rotation in the cycle of STCW courses, as well as uniform distribution.

At intramurals, 7th Company and 1st Company faced off in the relay races. 1st Company came away with the win however, both teams tried their very best and exerted maximum effort. Everyone cheered on their shipmates, and at the end of the game each team congratulated the others on a job well done.

Patio tonight was different from the rest of the week. Being the final patio session, the Cadet Candidates came up with creative acts to perform for the Reggies.

3rd and 5th Company started the night off with some dances. 7th Company simulated a video game in the name of the Cadet Candidate who has been coined the nickname “video games” by the Reggie Staff after admitting that, rather than studying his youngie knowledge over the summer, he had played video games. And last but not least, 1st Company created a song that questioned Mr. Vaccari’s benching abilities and ended with a self induced P.U.P. (Push Up Party).

Following the evening meal the youngies took their firefighting and youngie knowledge exams and officially met the Admiral.

Only half a day left, and it has been quite a ride… Congratulations 1st BN on a job very well done.