2020 Cadet Candidate Assimilation Program

Discipline, Knowledge, Leadership

Watch the Cadre and Cadet Candidates as they tackle the challenges of this year’s assimilation program. We’ll be updating nightly with photos and information from each company provided by the respective staff members on the progress of the Cadet Candidates.

To read daily updates from the Company Commanders throughout your youngie’s Assimilation experience click on the tab in the drop down menu with your youngie’s respective company!

To read daily messages from the Orientation Assistants on the progress of 1st and 2nd Battalion, click on the tabs located on the top of the page.

We look forward to keeping you involved with the progress that is being made here on campus, and the unforgettable learning experiences that both the Cadre and Cadet Candidates will endure. Welcome aboard!

For more photos from Pre-Assimilation click HERE

For more photos from 2nd Battalion’s Assimilation Week 8/16 – 8/22 click HERE

For more photos from 1st Battalion’s Assimilation Week 8/23 – 8/29 click HERE